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In a purposeful act of moral rectitude, the young boy turned in the wallet full of money that he had found on the road to the police station. Keeping the money might have been fun at first, but the boy’s inner rectitude or moral goodness would not allow him to keep something that was not his. The police sergeant praised the young fellow for his honest behavior and rectitude, and gave him a small financial reward.

Quiz: How would you know if your new manager possesses rectitude?

  • They are honest and fair in the way they manage things.
  • They have a lot of years of experience as a manager.
  • They are firm and unbending in every decision they make.

Memory Hook

Recreated Attitude Although I once was a bad boy, my recreated attitude towards life has given me a sense of moral rectitude--and so now I'm a good boy.


  • The school has the immaculate cheeriness of a merry monastery, and students in well-pressed blazers and ties give the place a look of impeccable rectitude. —Sports Illustrated
  • If the country does not take advantage of what is clearly an international, and not an Italian-based, crisis to seek greater fiscal rectitude, there will be a high price to pay 3-5 years in the future. —The Economist
  • Col. Setliff knows it, and with military rectitude he just says it’s important to get the story of what they're doing now out to the public. —NPR
  • Notice how, in Boomers' hands, 1990s America is becoming a somber land obsessed with values, back-to-basics movements, ethical rectitude, political correctness, harsh punishments, and a yearning for the simple life. —The Atlantic

Word Ingredients

rect ruled, guided, directed
-itude state or quality of

Rectitude is the “state or quality of being ruled, guided, or directed” in the correct moral way.

Word Theater

William Ross Parliament has lost both rectitude and honor.

Word Constellation