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My quotidian or daily purchase of ten cups of coffee has to stop. Not only am I running out of money from this quotidian or commonplace habit, but I’m getting a little too jumpy and nervous. If I do this I’ll have a quotidian, everyday headache and lack energy for a few weeks or months! Better let me think a bit more about it while I sip and spill my seventh coffee.

Quiz: When is something described as quotidian?

  • When it is unhealthy and addictive but very tasty.
  • When it is an ordinary or everyday occurrence.
  • When you enjoy it and it gives you great energy.

Memory Hook

Diary Quote Everyday I quote one of my friends in my diary; my quotidian diary quotes will be very interesting to read some day.


  • The poignant 'All Girl Band' stumps along cheerily, pretending it’s not about the quotidian struggle of being young, female and relentlessly hopeful. —Rolling Stone
  • Coal, meanwhile, is believed responsible for a host of more quotidian problems, such as mining accidents, acid rain and greenhouse gas emissions. —Newsvine
  • The news comes amid growing hype about going green, in an age when climate change has become as common a conversation topic as its quotidian counterpart, the weather. —The Christian Science Monitor
  • The experience is fundamentally asocial, for it directs preoccupation away from the what and how of daily business toward the why, the mere asking of which marks separation from the quotidian, if not yet transcendence. —The New York Times

Word Ingredients

quot- how many, as many as
di day

The idea here is that which happens on a “quotidian” basis happens on “as many days” as there are “days” in which it could occur.

Word Constellation