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Last weekend we went to a gallery opening for a young painter who has taken the art world by storm with her impressive, extraordinary, and prodigious talent. Using her prodigious and amazing technique, coupled with her awe-inspiring knowledge of the old masters, she has created masterful and beautiful works of art. The artist will soon be able to ask and get prodigious or enormous prices for her wonderful work.

Quiz: What is an example of something that is prodigious?

  • An artist who creates sculptures that are impressive and marvelous.
  • A school that only accepts students if they pass a difficult test.
  • A book that has an unexpected and unpopular conclusion.

Memory Hook

Prodigious Pro Digger The Grave Digger (AKA Pro Digger) is a famous prodigious monster truck that was the biggest and meanest of them all.


  • The injury had become so painful it was able to accomplish what few major league pitchers could — silence one of the most prodigious bats in the game over the last decade. —USA Today
  • Much more intriguing, this is a true story brimming with striking characters as well as prodigious achievements and blunders, with thought-provoking lessons for today. —The Christian Science Monitor
  • Bluesman Taj Mahal, then fresh from the Boston hootenanny scene, was one of the Sons' two singers; roots-guitar god Ry Cooder, still in his teens at the time, was the band’s prodigious lead picker. —Rolling Stone
  • This huge 90 million undertaking is a personal best for producer Jerry Bruckheimer, a triumph for Scott and a war film of prodigious power. —Rolling Stone

Word Ingredients

pro- forward, forth
ig say, affirm
-ious of the nature of

Ultimately from a root word meaning “omen;” an “omen” is a “saying forth” of the future, especially of great or impressive future events.

Word Theater

YouTube: Liszt Grand Galop Chromatique Valentina Lisitsa's playing is nothing but prodigious.

Word Constellation


Word Variants

prodigy n a young person who has an extraordinary talent at something