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It’s best not to procrastinate, or put things off until the last minute. When you procrastinate or postpone what you should accomplish now, you increase your stress level considerably at the time something is due. The quality of work you do also suffers when you procrastinate or unwisely delay doing your work. It’s better to start something early to give yourself some wiggle room rather than procrastinate or consistently put your affairs off until a later date.

Quiz: What does it mean to procrastinate?

  • It means to convince someone that you are telling the truth.
  • It means to put off work you should be doing now.
  • It means to be frustrated with the amount of work you have.

Memory Hook

Rasputin Procreates Apparently Rasputin did not procrastinate when it came to procreation, for he supposedly had hundreds of children.


  • Procrastination is the art of keeping up with yesterday. — Don Marquis Don marquis
  • The study shows that students who answered the more abstract questions were much more likely to procrastinate — that is, delay their answers. —WebMD
  • The weaker-than-expected results came as the high unemployment rate drove shoppers to continue to procrastinate in search of the deepest discounts, said Jharonne Martis, Thomson Reuters' director of consumer research, who compiles the report. —CNN
  • The trick is to have a lot of less important things on your list, so that by doing the less important things, you can avoid doing the thing that it’s really important for you to procrastinate. —NPR

Word Ingredients

pro- forward, forth
cras tomorrow
-ate make someone have a certain quality

One who procrastinates puts “forth” doing something until “tomorrow.”

Word Theater

YouTube: Watch Well Cast We all procrastinate, and all probably want to stop procrastinating as well!

Word Constellation