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Bob’s philanthropy was so helpful to our city: his donation of millions of dollars changed everything about the city for the better. His philanthropic and charitable contributions were intended to help the city come alive again. His philanthropy included gifts which allowed buildings to be repaired, streets to be repaved, and utilities to be upgraded. Most importantly, his philanthropy provided funding for housing resident artists who would provide opportunities in dance, theater, and the visual arts.

Quiz: If you are known for your philanthropy, what might you do?

  • Donate your time and money to help others.
  • Spend large amounts of money on foolish things.
  • Give wise and practical advice to others.

Memory Hook

Philanthropy Fill a Trophy When United Way gave the trophy to the biggest contributing philanthropist, they filled it with coins.


  • If charity cost nothing, the world would be full of philanthropists. — Jewish Proverb Jewish proverb
  • The Absolut Angel competition bills itself as 'venture philanthropy' — a young but growing trend that’s especially welcome at a time when government dollars from the National Endowment for the Arts have dried up. —Wired
  • David Rockefeller was said to have been a host, Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Oprah Winfrey to have been among those attending, and philanthropy to have been the main subject. —CNN
  • 'In the opinion of the foundation’s trustees,' he said, 'private and corporate philanthropy can make no better investment than in helping American education at its base — the quality of its teaching. —TIME

Word Ingredients

phil love
anthrop human
-y activity

Philanthropy is the “activity of loving the human” race by being very generous to those in need.

Word Theater

Billionaires Contribute to Charity These philanthropic billionaires are giving away half of their fortunes.

Word Constellation