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When my uncle takes us to the park, he grows nostalgic and emotional as he remembers and longs for his own boyhood there. “Years ago, we played baseball in that field,” he whispered sadly and nostalgically, as if seeing shadows of the golden past. I love hearing Uncle Peter’s nostalgic stories—they make me want to live back when they played the game with wooden bats and sold papers for a dime.

Quiz: What happens when someone feels nostalgic?

  • They look back on something in their past and feel both happy and sad about it.
  • They go off by themselves to find a place where they can relax and avoid a stressful situation.
  • They think about how much fun it would have been to have lived during a different time period.

Memory Hook

Not Sick Algae When I was young my father raised trout in many fish ponds which we cleaned tons of algae from; I am not nostalgic about cleaning algae because it made me sick, but I do miss my father more than all the algae and fish in the universe.


  • It's hard to be nostalgic when you can't remember anything. — Unknown
  • Those familiar with the Wu will surely recognize the classic Wu Tang style in The Big Doe Rehab, with the looped nostalgic sampling, home-girl vocal riffs, occasional horns or strings, odd clashing, and rim shots. —Newsvine
  • Read this, then make your own life an epic worth telling Hunting Your Great Lost Love Does tracking down an old girlfriend make you a nostalgic romantic or a potential stalker? —Men's Health
  • What has happened instead, complain Iranians nostalgic for quieter times, is that Nowruz has taken on stronger nationalist tones and grown more strident. —The Economist

Word Ingredients

nost a return home
alg pain
-ic like

When one suffers from a nostalgic experience, one feels emotional “pain” as if “returning home” to things that one has loved but which have been lost forever.

Word Theater

YouTube: V Sauce About being nostalgic.

Word Constellation


Word Variants

nostalgia n a feeling of homesickness or a longing for the past