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My multifarious or greatly various health problems are keeping a whole collection of doctors busy. I am hooked up to multifarious, mixed machines which monitor heartbeat, blood pressure, kidney function, and even how many breaths I take in a minute. Despite the multifarious or diverse treatments advised by this large medical team, my health remains poor.

Quiz: When is something multifarious?

  • When it has many different parts or forms.
  • When it requires much expertise to work.
  • When it is a challenge to modern medicine.

Memory Hook

Multifarious Multi-ferry Us On our recent cruise to the multiple Caribbean islands we had to board a different type of ferry for each segment. They had to multi-ferry us on our multifarious vacation.


  • To aim for any achievement is thus to be flexible; accepting the possibility of multifarious forms of excellence but only one kind of perfection. —Newsvine
  • The multifarious Rhythm Foundation continues to bring to Miami Beach the best in world music, from Syria’s Whirling Dervishes of Damascus to Cape Verde’s Cesaria Evora. —USA Today
  • The Kennedy Center’s China Festival, with its multifarious representation of government-sanctioned art from the world’s most populous nation, had its moments, but the local debut of the 'all-female percussion ensemble' Red Poppy was not among them. —The Washington Post

Word Ingredients

multi- many
-ious of the nature of

Something multifarious is “of the nature of many” things.

Word Constellation