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  • Noun




Maeve sought to control others in her social circle with a clever system of machination that included power plays and other scheming plots. She spread rumors and used machination or dishonest strategic actions to convince people that her invented stories were true. Her cruel machinations or secretive plans were soon exposed when those around her realized painfully that Maeve’s kindness was only a show to trick them all.

Quiz: What are machinations?

  • Plots and schemes to influence others.
  • Fake rumors spread about others.
  • Feelings of control and power.

Memory Hook

Machine Fascination Hackers use clever machinations to control others through hacking into their computer machines; this fascination for machine destruction is a form of machination that makes us all suffer.


  • The move was hardly surprising given that Quinn always works the refs, but he was trumped Sunday by the machination of Islanders general manager Mike Milbury. —Sports Illustrated
  • Mr. Bush, who made two private appearances before Republican groups here this morning in a one-day stopover in Michigan, complained,' every time I come to Michigan, there is some new machination of the rules. —The New York Times
  • Mr. Young, at one point, even voiced suspicions that Mr. Obama’s campaign was financed by Republicans — the type of machination, he said, that was not outside the realm of his experience. —The New York Times
  • Doing this for every action of government, military, and corporations might actually lead to a society that was now a machination of hidden power, backroom pay-offs, and basic dishonesty and greed! —The Washington Post

Word Ingredients

machin plan, trick, artifice
-ation act of doing something

Machination is the “act of planning against” or “tricking” someone.

Word Theater

Aladdin Will Jafar's machinations make him sultan?

Word Constellation