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  • Adj.




Gilly agreed that the speaker’s presentation had been full of uninformed, simplistic, and jejune ideas. Gilly was a specialist on the topic herself, and she had hoped for a more interesting talk instead of the empty, uninteresting, and jejune one she heard. Next time, she would find out the background of the lecturer, and if he or she was unschooled, jejune, or lacking in information, she would not attend.

Quiz: What does it mean when someone is jejune?

  • He is boring because he is lacking in information.
  • He bores others by talking slowly.
  • He does not work hard enough to prepare.

Memory Hook

Jet June Bugs Can you believe that all Chet has ever talked about are jet June bugs? He thinks they sound cool, but are black bugs really all that interesting? And to talk about them his entire life? It's the only idea Chet has ever had! His boring jet June bug obsession is jejune.


  • The leads, except for the little-utilized Ann-Margret, may creak a bit, but they are easily more spontaneous than the jejune cast of 'Saturday Night Live.' —The Washington Post
  • A couple of my girlfriends gave me a Chanel tote bag, and you can’t be jejune when you're the owner of vintage Chanel. —BNET
  • Though Berryman’s jejune letters are not particularly perceptive, they do describe his friendship with his teacher Mark Van Doren, his earliest attempts at poetry, and the two years he spent at Cambridge University — the happiest of his life. —BNET
  • All of 'The Crack Up' is an endlessly repeated definition of 'jejune' - the dry and hungry gasping of a mind empty of new ideas, or even of new attitudes to meet a fast-changing world. —The New York Times

Word Ingredients

jejun fasting, empty, thin, meager
e used for spelling and pronunciation

Anything jejune is lacking in something, making it “empty, thin, or meager.”

Word Constellation