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The clever Greek hero Odysseus had to defeat the Cyclops Polyphemus before the one-eyed giant ate all his men, so he began by tricking Polyphemus into becoming inebriated by drinking gallons of strong wine. Odysseus had dared Polyphemus to a bout of excessive drinking which left the monster inebriated or in a highly drunken state. When the great giant fell over due to having consumed too much alcohol, Odysseus himself was inebriated with excited surprise at the giants hungover state. Now we have him, Odysseus said to his men as they approached the inebriated giant, who continued to snore and snore after having had way too much to drink.

Quiz: What has happened if someone becomes inebriated at a party?

  • They have forgotten their troubles and are enjoying themselves.
  • They have gotten into an argument with someone.
  • They have consumed too much alcohol.

Memory Hook

Infuriated Deb Deb couldn't believe that her fiance not only got inebriated on the day of their wedding, but even arrived drunk at the church; Deb, infuriated by Bill's inebriated state, punched him in the mouth and stormed off amidst gasping friends and family.


  • Fortified by some cocktails, the machinist, who was about half a foot and some 50 pounds smaller than Golota, challenged the similarly inebriated Golota to fight. —Sports Illustrated
  • Hall’s confession was read, and Bonnie reacted with a hurt-cur look to his frequent references to her being drunk and 'again inebriated.' —TIME
  • What kind of burger meal is an extremely inebriated David Hasselhoff only somewhat successfully trying to munch on in a video shot by his daughter and widely broadcast in spring 2007? —Epicurious

Word Ingredients

in- in
ebri drunk
-ed having a particular state

When one is inebriated, one is “in a state of drunkenness.”

Word Theater

The Princess Bride Inigo is inebriated, so Fezzik helps nurse him back to health.

Word Constellation