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  • Adj.




Alexis was absolutely convinced that she had to take her tests on an immaculate or perfectly clean desk, so she always cleaned hers at school before she took it. She did such a thorough job that each and every time she made the desk immaculate or spotless. And, like magic, she always did an immaculate job on those tests, never missing a single point.

Quiz: If you have an immaculate house, what is it like?

  • It is decorated with expensive art and furniture.
  • It is designed in an unusual way so that it stands out.
  • It is so clean that you could eat off the floors.

Memory Hook

Immaculate The Immaculate Collection Madonna's immaculate album is among Rolling Stone's 100 Greatest American Albums of All Time.


  • In order to be an immaculate member of a flock of sheep, one must above all be a sheep oneself. — Albert Einstein Albert einstein
  • Sarah Hussein Obama, wearing a brightly patterned dress and sandals decorated with shells and beads, sat in a wooden chair in the immaculate living room, waiting for news of her grandson. —Newsvine
  • Built of marble imported from Italy, the temple sits on a hill high above this well-heeled suburb, surrounded by tall trees, an immaculate lawn and an even more immaculate parking lot. —The Washington Post
  • The kitchen was immaculate — except for a single bowl of beans and another of rice — and did not look as if it had been lived in for weeks. —The Christian Science Monitor

Word Ingredients

im- not
macul spot, stain
-ate possessing a certain quality

An immaculate object “possesses the quality of not (being) stained or spotted.”

Word Theater

Pearl's Pearl of a Garden The inspiring story of self-taught topiary artist Pearl Fryar and his immaculate garden.

Word Constellation