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The gregarious, outgoing musician loved to talk to his audience after a performance. He shook hands, laughed, met old friends, and generally behaved in a friendly, welcoming, and gregarious way. His social or gregarious nature was well-known and drew more people to hear the music. Music lovers admired the skill of his performance on stage, but they also enjoyed his kind, sociable, and gregarious welcome face to face.

Quiz: When is someone gregarious?

  • When that person must be the center of attention.
  • When that person is a professional performer.
  • When that person likes to be with other people.

Memory Hook

Gregarious Greg, Gary, & Us We are such a gregarious group, Greg, Gary, and us.


  • Gregariousness is always the refuge of mediocrities, whether they swear by Soloviev or Kant or Marx. Only individuals seek the truth, and they shun those whose sole concern is not the truth. — Boris Pasternak Boris pasternak
  • People who love sales often are gregarious and garrulous, but that gets in the way when they like to hear the sound of their own voice more than that of their customers'. —USA Today
  • A gregarious academic before he ascended to the bench, he believes deeply in the British common-law tradition that judges keep a low public profile. —Newsweek
  • A study in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology shows that acting extroverted — being talkative, adventurous, and assertive — has a positive effect on mood, even if you're not gregarious by nature. —Men's Health

Word Ingredients

greg flock
-ar someone who does something, pertaining to
-ious of the nature of

A gregarious person is highly social because he “has the nature” of “flocking” with others.

Word Theater

Finding Vivian Maier Street photographers need to be gregarious to find the best shots.

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