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I own a restaurant and can cook reasonably well, but cooking really isn’t my true strength or forte. My real talent or forte lies in managing and organizing others. Over the years, my gourmet cooking skills have improved, but my forte or personal specialty will always be in motivating chefs and the rest of the staff to create great food in the restaurant.

Quiz: How do you know if something is your forte?

  • You try to avoid doing it.
  • It has your name on it.
  • You’re an expert at it.

Memory Hook

Fort of Strength Although my husband Guy might not be a tower of strength in all situations, his forte is being my fort of strength to which I can withdraw if I've had a bad day.


  • There is little doubt that he has the potential to be a fine leader in terms of intellect and that should remain his forte rather than the Bhutto name. —Newsvine
  • Understanding the issues and problems from the local point of view has never been the forte of Americans, but it is especially difficult in Iraq, where security and the language barrier offer unique challenges. —The Christian Science Monitor
  • Nobody suggested to Scorcese that he hang it up after King of Comedy, a funny, quirky little movie, but clearly not his forte. —Rolling Stone
  • 'Rock'n' Roll' to the contrary, Led Zeppelin’s forte has always been rockin' the blues; if they took themselves seriously they'd realize that they are foolish to step outside that genre. —Rolling Stone

Word Ingredients

fort strong, vigorous, powerful

One’s forte is what one is “strong, vigorous, or powerful” at.

Word Theater

King of Queens He claims that table tennis is his forte.

Word Constellation