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Woe is me, for I am forlorn, having been abandoned by my only true love. Why my beloved would leave me forlorn and lonely I know not. All I know is that the rest of my life will be forlorn and miserable without her in my life. I will move to some forlorn place, far away from humankind, where I can weep and moan in my utterly cheerless and deserted state.

Quiz: How might someone look if they are feeling forlorn?

  • They might look hopeless and lonely.
  • They might look frustrated and anxious.
  • They might look bored and restless.

Memory Hook

Forest Lonely Jeb the hermit was forlorn, alone and lonely in the deep, dark forest.


  • When finalist Jonathan Cerf made a forcing move in the first of two games, defending champion Carol Jacobs gave him a forlorn but affectionate smile. —Sports Illustrated
  • Croft and Sim trade verses like a couple worn down from arguing — their lyrics are pleas and protests, but they're delivered in an empty, forlorn tone. —Rolling Stone
  • The cover price got you in the door, and if you got there early enough, a few snacks, as the snack table was looking completely ravaged by 6:30, with only a few forlorn chips left on the white tablecloths. —Wired
  • The most forlorn is Floyd, until he improbably makes it up with his wife and Ophelia, ready to live happily ever after on his borrowed time. —TIME

Word Ingredients

for- thoroughly, completely
lorn lost

Someone who is “thoroughly or completely lost” usually feels forlorn because of it.

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Word Theater

Malcolm in the Middle Malcom is feeling forlorn.

Word Constellation