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  • Noun




Donna’s and Don’s wedding was a day of cheerful, joyous felicity for the whole family. Guests gathered, filled with wishes of happiness or felicity for the couple. The celebration, filled with bliss, delight, good spirits, and felicity, lasted until dawn; the couple, however, had left around midnight.

Quiz: What is most likely to cause someone to experience felicity?

  • Spending an afternoon laughing with friends.
  • Hearing an unexpected knock on their door at midnight.
  • Finding a mouse under their bathroom sink.

Memory Hook

Feminine Simplicity For some women, shopping is an act of simplicity that leads towards feminine felicity.


  • Take hold lightly; let go lightly. This is one of the great secrets of felicity in love. — Spanish Proverb Spanish proverb
  • Hofstra coach Tom Pecora checked in Monday, to marvel over the air at the felicity of Hehn’s game-winner — 'that a 6-5 lefty made a shot to send a 6-5 lefty to the tournament.' —Sports Illustrated
  • There was felicity in that characterization, as LeMond went on to become the greatest stateside salesman for the world’s most sprawling sports event. —Sports Illustrated
  • That felicity is what the Taoists are on about but I think the old Buddhists know the way, they didn’t get distracted by magic. —Newsvine

Word Ingredients

felic happy, lucky
-ity state or quality

Felicity is the “state or quality” of being “happy or lucky.”

Word Theater

YouTube: Pharrel Williams Felicity!

Word Constellation


Word Variants

felicitous adj suitable; fortunate
infelicitous adj unsuitable; unfortunate