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  • Adj.




Freddy Foster was a feckless, lazy, and unfocused fellow who had no purpose whatsoever. After dropping out of school he moved from one aimless, feckless plan to the next, never truly settling on one thing. His careless, feckless attitude bothered his parents and made them worry about his future. Freddy was unconcerned about what might happen if he didn’t give up his thoughtless, irresponsible, and feckless neglect of his own future.

Quiz: When is someone considered feckless?

  • When that person does not like to work.
  • When that person lacks the will to accomplish anything.
  • When that person generally has a hard time with life.

Memory Hook

Feckless Fanny Nanny the Peckless Hen Fanny was such a feckless hen that she pecked much less than the other chickens, and some days just stood on her perch all day long.


  • Mounting the village bandstand, the senator works through familiar complaints about the deteriorating armed forces — the 11,000 servicemen and — women who are on food stamps, inadequate heath care for veterans and the president’s 'feckless photo-op foreign policy.' —Rolling Stone
  • European airlines face not only feckless competitors such as the perennially loss-making Alitalia but also, outside Europe, a Byzantine system of bilateral agreements that govern flights between countries. —The Economist
  • If Congress wins outright, it could in theory give Nepal decisive and intelligent government for the next five years, untroubled by factions and feckless allies. —The Economist
  • Adopting this number and its attendant attitude allows Eddie to pursue, with feckless uniformity of purpose, any and all musical ideas foaming in his brain. —Rolling Stone

Word Ingredients

feck make, do
-less lacking

One who is feckless is “lacking” in the “doing or making” of anything.

Word Constellation