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  • Noun




Theo is the epitome or perfect example of kindness; everyone adores him for the thoughtful and generous way he treats his friends. Nobody can quite believe how nice he is, especially considering that his father Tad is the epitome or best example of a spoiled, rich person. Tad seems to believe that he is the epitome of or last word in being “cool,” but he’s really just a thoughtless jerk. It’s good that Theo is redefining the family name as the epitome or essence of goodness.

Quiz: What is the epitome of something?

  • It is the best illustration of it.
  • It is the simplest possible form of it.
  • It is the easiest explanation of it.

Memory Hook

Epitome A Pie To Me When she gave that sweet pie to me it was the epitome of joy.


  • I epitomize America. — John Denver John denver
  • Being the epitome of goodness and mercy has absolutely nothing to do with having the ability to assert one’s will over 'inferior' creatures, does it? —Newsvine
  • Compared with 99 other cities, Boston is the epitome of arterial health, with sixth-inning heartburn being more likely than a game-ending heart attack. —Men's Health
  • Republican Texas Gov. Rick Perry described Richards as 'the epitome of Texas politics: a figure larger than life who had a gift for captivating the public with her great wit.' —USA Today

Word Ingredients

epi- near, short
tom cut, cutting, slice
e used for spelling and pronunciation

An epitome is a representative or characteristic “cutting or slice near” the essence or best example of a group of people.

Word Theater

Parks and Recreation The epitome of a desk for the head of a department.

Word Constellation


Word Variants

epitomize v to be an excellent representative example of something