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  • Noun




The highly immoral and cruel villain was accused of several terrible acts of depravity and corruption. Among his horrible deeds of depravity and immorality was the theft of hospital supplies that were supposed to be used for victims of a hurricane, which he subsequently sold for profit. After listening to the evidence against him, the jury and the judge were shocked by such depravity and outright wickedness. The depraved and sinful criminal was sentenced under the full penalty of the law.

Quiz: What is an example of depravity?

  • Committing a senseless crime that harms many other people.
  • Refusing to eat or drink anything until people listen to your demands.
  • Living without any luxury items and having only the basic things you need to survive.

Memory Hook

Deep Gravity The deep gravity or seriousness of the multiple crimes that Jack the Ripper committed was a testament to his thoroughly horrific depravity.


  • If media leaders ignore this warning and fail to find a way to control media pollution, they invite the tyranny of a majority, which may be ready to give up some individual freedoms in order to limit the 'nightmares of depravity.' —BNET
  • Conservatives decried the deal, calling it the latest example of moral depravity, while liberals praised the move, saying it shows that the U.S. has become more tolerant. —Sports Illustrated
  • The moral depravity of the Bush Administration continues to take its toll, and this time, as usual, the victims are the men and women serving in uniform in Iraq, as well as the veterans of the First Gulf War. —Harper's Magazine
  • Berg’s scenario is structured as an immoral Rube Goldberg machine, in which every wrong choice sets off an even worse one, until every character has revealed his — or her, as it turns out — capacity for total depravity. —Newsweek

Word Ingredients

de- thoroughly
prav evil
-ity state or quality

Depravity is the “state or quality of being thoroughly evil.”

Word Theater

Charles Manson Manson exhibited unimaginable depravity in his plans and killings.

Word Constellation


Word Variants

depraved adj morally corrupt