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The young gentleman looks dapper, well groomed, and neat in his new, striped suit. He walks along the sidewalk in a crisp and dapper manner, with a lively spring in his step. All the young ladies admire his dapper and stylish appearance, thinking to themselves that such a sharply dressed man must be on his way to do something very important or fun.

Quiz: What would a dapper man be likely to wear?

  • An expensive watch that signals his wealth and power.
  • A hand-me-down suit that is stained and wrinkled.
  • A well-fitted silk suit with a stylish hat and polished shoes.

Memory Hook

Dapper Dapper Dan In the film O Brother Where Art Thou, Ulysses used Dapper Dan on his hair which made him look quite smashing and dapper.


  • The Sabres would have had better luck getting an explanation from Campbell, who at 2:45 a.m. was sitting outside the Dallas dressing room, dapper in a dark suit and matching expression. —Sports Illustrated
  • 'Last year we had a record number of student applications,' says athletic director Danny Morrison, sitting on a sofa in his office, dapper in a crisp white shirt and purple necktie. —Sports Illustrated
  • Subscribe to paper Home News Travel Money Sports Life Tech Weather Life Books Top 150 Books Shop for Books Enlarge Fox Wolfe and his dapper white suits have even been immortalized in Simpsons yellow. —USA Today
  • A dapper, elegant man with a vast wardrobe, Mr. Hook had a flair for the grand gesture and theatrical flourish, which would sometimes startle tourists when he did a pirouette before leading them to a table. —The New York Times

Word Ingredients

From a root word meaning “neatness.”

Word Theater

YouTube: Henry Herbert Tailors These men are dapper!

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