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After I had moved, my family and I decided it would be helpful to talk about the contrast or difference between where we used to live and where we live now. I could think of one main contrast or comparison of how things were not the same: our previous town was big and this one is small. Another contrast or how the two towns were not similar lay in how much better the school is where we go now and how poor the other one was. There was one last contrast or difference, however, that was very hard for me—my old friends were not like my new friends at all, and I miss my old ones very much!

Quiz: What is happening when a contrast is shown between two things?

  • The qualities of each are listed in detail and then studied.
  • Qualities that are different between them are emphasized.
  • The likenesses between the two things are shown.

Memory Hook

Falcon and Fast A falcon and fast do not contrast, for a falcon is very fast indeed!


  • Dicey could and did, listening to his voice as he made a harmony line with what she was singing, sometimes blending, sometimes moving in contrast. —Dicey's Song
  • In the firing, the red slip had turned black, and the contrast of black and white against jade green was unmistakably new, different, remarkable. —A Single Shard

Word Ingredients

contra- opposite, against
stat stands

When two things are compared, those qualities which “stand opposite to” each other form the contrast between the two things.

Word Theater

One Minute Physics [YouTube] Is walking or running the best way to stay drier when it is raining?

Word Constellation


Word Variants

contrast v to see or observe or comment about the differences in things
contrasting adj different