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I really have to consider or think deeply about whether I want to move to the country. I must consider or look at this very carefully since I don’t want to make a big mistake. One of the reasons, however, that I’m considering or really thinking about moving to the country is that there are no trees or birds where I live. I am also considering or thinking a lot about moving to the country because Martians have taken over some parts of my city, and what if they get my house?

Quiz: If you have to consider something, what must you do?

  • You must think hard about it.
  • You must answer it quickly.
  • You must do and say nothing.

Memory Hook

On Spider! I am considering putting a spider on my teacher's head, even though I know I might get in trouble for doing so--should I do it or not?


  • Kapugen considered the bounty the gussaks’ way of deciding that the amaroqs could not live on this earth anymore. —Julie of the Wolves
  • We must consider, for a moment, what had occurred with the rat and the serving girl and the princess down in the dungeon before Despereaux made his way to them. —The Tale of Despereaux

Word Ingredients

con- thoroughly
sider star

The word consider originally meant to “thoroughly” observe or watch the “stars,” which were often thought to provide hints as to future events if gazed upon for a long enough time (which is what astrology is all about). Eventually the word came to mean thinking over a problem, idea, or issue very carefully before coming to a decision.

Word Theater

Bill Nye the Science Guy Consider carefully how Bill Nye's model of a floating fish acts like a real fish!

Word Constellation


Word Variants

considerate adj polite; taking other people's feelings into account
consideration n the act of thinking about something