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I know that there is no way to compare or find how Martians and Earthlings are like and unlike each other, at least not now. I mean, how could you compare or measure a Martian with an Earthling when we’ve never even seen an Earthling? Comparing or weighing an Earthling against a Martian would not be possible at this point because we Martians aren’t even sure that there is life on Earth, much less intelligent life! So for now we can only compare Martians with two blue noses and Martians with four red noses, finding out how they are the same and not the same as each other.

Quiz: What are you doing when you compare two things?

  • You are checking the size of each to make sure that they both are the same.
  • You watch one thing on one day and another thing the next day.
  • You are seeing how they are the same as and unlike each other.

Memory Hook

Kumquats and Pears So I decided to compare kumquats with pears, and found them to have mostly differences between the two!


  • Of course, we could not help but bring up some spat, as every oyster clings to its bed until the culling hammer forces a separation, but compared to the dredge, we left the precious bottom virtually undisturbed to provide a bed for the oysters that would be harvested by our children’s children. —Jacob Have I Loved
  • Uh-oh, Jinx thought, noticing that Ned’s build was strong and tall compared to his own shorter, wiry one. —Moon Over Manifest

Word Ingredients

com- with, together
par equal
e used for spelling and pronunciation

When you compare two things, you find out how they are “equal” or similar “together”; by virtue of that process, you find out how they are not “equal” or not the same as well.

Word Theater

Sesame Street How Grover compares to these NBA players.

Word Constellation


Word Variants

comparison n the act of finding how two things are like and unlike each other
comparative adj of finding out how two things are like and unlike each other