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  • Adj.




Carol’s father hosted a dance in honor of Carol’s sixteenth birthday, and everyone noticed how beautiful and comely she looked in her new gown. With her light brown curls and dark eyes, Carol was considered the most attractive and comely girl in her class at school. Her comely and appealing appearance was enhanced by her warm, engaging smile.

Quiz: A comely woman

  • Smiles at everyone in a pleasant way.
  • Is considered gorgeous or good-looking.
  • Is celebrating an important event in a beautiful way.

Memory Hook

Comely Homely to Comely The homely girl was told to come to the salon and went from looking homely to being comely.


  • The comely 17-year-old from Siberia insists she’s nothing like Anna Kournikova, since Sharapova works hard on her game and already owns a breakthrough victory. —Sports Illustrated
  • Two middle-aged Wyoming buddies, McEban and Bennett, are in love with the same woman, Gretchen, a comely redhead with a satchel full of 17th-century religious verse. —The Economist

Word Ingredients

From a root word meaning “beautiful.”

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