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  • Noun




The miser was filled with avarice as he greedily counted his numerous gold coins. His avarice knew no bounds—his only goal in life was to be the richest man in the land. His avarice for gold and great wealth soon led him to work with criminal elements, and for this he was thrown in prison. While wanting some money for comfort is not necessarily bad, no good can come from the avaricious pursuit of extreme financial gain.

Quiz: If you were known for your avarice, how would others describe you?

  • Someone who mocked people and treated others with cruelty.
  • Someone with an extreme desire to gather wealth and possessions.
  • Someone who preferred to live alone with no one to bother them.

Memory Hook

Boy's Rice Hunger Knows no Bounds Avi was greedy for rice, consuming 10 pounds a day in overwhelming avarice for the white grain, while also avariciously collecting one 50-pound bag per day to add to his growing hoard.


  • The avarice of the old: it's absurd to increase one's luggage as one nears the journey's end. — Matthew Green Matthew green
  • While Congress will be seeking tougher controls over out-of-control companies such as Enron, the nation could profitably reevaluate the basic moral ideas involved in greed and avarice. —BNET
  • The average British wage earner requires nearly four years to collect that and it must dawn on even the thickest footballer that such avarice is eventually going to have an effect on attendances if it continues its rampant path. —BNET
  • 'Greed and avarice overtook this couple,' said Superior Court Judge Edward Davila, adding that the pair had 'lost their moral compass.' —Cooking Light

Word Ingredients

av desire, be eager
-ice act of

Those who are overcome by avarice have great “desire” or “are eager” for money; consequently, they hoard it.

Word Theater

Nickelodeon Has Sponge Bob Talk about avarice!

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Word Variants

avaricious adj greedy