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  • Verb




In an effort to assuage the pain of a broken heart after his long-term girlfriend left him, Jim spent a lot of extra time at work. While the piling up of projects on his desk momentarily distracted him from his wounded feelings, in time nothing Jim did seemed to assuage or relieve the loss of Carla. Jim’s friends often took him out to eat and watch soccer in order to assuage his depressed mood, but even that didn’t help to ease his grief. Not even time could assuage or lighten the loss of Carla, who had been the love of his life.

Quiz: What does it mean when you assuage a hurt?

  • You cause yourself to become injured.
  • You do something to lessen its intensity.
  • You ignore the hurt completely by focusing on something else.

Memory Hook

Wonder Drug Assuages Sue's Age Sue had a real problem with her advancing age, so she tried a new anti-wrinkle cream that thankfully cleared away the lines on her face, which helped to assuage her fears of looking older than she felt.


  • I've never known any trouble that an hour's reading didn't assuage. — Charles De Secondat Charles de secondat
  • Because these national champions control as much as 90 % of the world’s oil and gas, they can do far more than the likes of Exxon to assuage the current worries about supply and to influence the accompanying record prices. —The Economist
  • Sure, seeking the woman’s family’s blessing is not necessary, it assuages their fears, showing he is a stand-up guy who respects her and her family and goes a long way to their acceptance of the new guy. —Men's Health
  • The David Citadel did get much of the presidential staff and assurances of a future presidential visit, but that apparently was not enough to assuage hurt feelings in the highly competitive hotel business. —The Washington Post

Word Ingredients

as- to, towards
suag sweet
e used for spelling and pronunciation

When you assuage bitter feelings, you move them “towards” something “sweeter.”

Word Theater

ABC This Week The Egyptian government must take measures to assuage its demonstrating people.

Word Constellation