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As a schoolteacher and school dean, Bruce abominated the unjust actions of bullies. Their cruelty and manipulation of those weaker than themselves were an abomination in a place of learning, where students should feel safe and comfortable. Bruce abominated the way in which the bullies ganged up on selected victims and behaved in extremely mean and abominable ways.

Quiz: What does abominate mean?

  • To support something because other people support it.
  • To despise something that is not acceptable.
  • To want to change something that is flawed.

Memory Hook

Bomb it! Willie's work was so a"bomb"inable that his boss fired him within a week after being hired.


  • Doing abominations is against the law, particularly if the abominations are done while wearing a lobster bib. — Neil Gaiman Neil gaiman
  • And how immediately one is ready to detest and abominate Bertrand, the pseudo-aesthete and bully who is the spoiled son of the vapid Professor Welch and his hard-boiled wife. —The Atlantic
  • Perhaps at the instigation of Mr. Anselmo, who came to abominate any baroque tendency in metal, he played shorter solos as they became outmoded in the genre. —The New York Times
  • Both the Prince and the people of these Danubian Provinces abominate the Moslem connection, and perhaps it would be as well for Turkey were she rid of them altogether. —The New York Times

Word Ingredients

ab- away, from
omin prophetic sign, augury, omen
-ate to make something have a certain quality

The idea here is of an unfavorable omen or bad sign about the future; when the omen is away or prophetic sign is from what one wishes, one strongly dislikes what it predicts, thus one abominates it.

Word Theater

The Simpsons Lisa is appalled by this abomination.

Word Constellation


Word Variants

abomination n strong dislike or disgust
abominable adj disgusting